Contact information :
Address: Municipal Media Library
3 street keel game
17270 CLERAC
Tel: 05 46 04 75 56
Facebook page :érac-377902439611793/

Opening days and hours:

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 16:30 to 18:30
Wednesday from 10 am to 12 pm
Friday from 16H00 to 18H00
Saturdays from 10H00 to 12H00
Library Manager: Sandra BERGES

Volunteers: Marie-Claire Caille, Annie Gascoin, Nadège Renaud

and Paulette Chargé

Useful information :

The Media Library is open to all. Subscription and on-site consultation are free. The Médiathèque offers a very large selection of books (5500) including Romans, Police, Documentaries (Adults, Teens and Youth) not to mention the renewal of DVDs and CDs once a year.

The user can borrow up to 7 documents:
3 pounds for 3 weeks
1 review for 1 week
1 CD for 1 week
1 DVD for 1 week
1 CDrom for 1 week

Consult the

Rules of procedure
Engagement form
Parental consent


April 2019

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Online Catalog:
To consult the general catalog online, news and documents availability:

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Multimedia Space:
Three computers with internet access are at your disposal.

At your disposal CD / DVD / CD-ROM and REVIEWS



Photo and drawing contest organized by the Médiathèque and the Musée de Clérac
Photo contest from 15 years and over
Drawing contest from 5 to 14 years old.
If you are interested !!
Do not hesitate to ask us the rules of the contest.
To the 05 46 04 75 56 or

The sea, the beach and the holidays

The services of the Departmental Multimedia Library Loan:
Departmental Library of Loan
The Shuttle (SLEM) passes twice a month for a book exchange (about 20 maximum), do not hesitate to send us your requests.

Digital Media Library

Digital Media Library is a collection of digital resources for media libraries, cultural institutions, high schools and permanent contracts.
The principle is simple: your institution chooses one or more offers from the digital resource package:
We have chosen :
Lekiosk (Online Magazines)
Skilleos (Online Course)
Storyplay’r (Stories for kids)
Members can enjoy the service from home.
How can I create an account?
You can create an account on
Some explanations to register:
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Your registration is recorded as soon as you have validated it. You will receive a confirmation message by email as soon as your media library has validated your registration.

Do not hesitate, it’s free

The Media Library will be closed
Friday, August 16th
Saturday, August 17
thank you for your understanding

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