It’s the act of planning of the city and its development according to the human, economic activity and other according to the planning laws.

What is the Local Urban Plan (PLU)?

The PLU defines and regulates the use of the soil on the whole territory: building sectors, natural …
It is a legal document of general scope that is binding on all (natural or legal persons) and referred to in order to investigate land use requests (Planning Certificate, building permit, prior declaration, permit for building develop )
The PLU was approved by City Council on February 16, 2012.

Download the PLU

You can download some of the documents that make up the file:

Deliberation approving the PLU
Zoning plans
Urban Planning by-law

The complete file is searchable in town hall.

PLU compatibility

SOTRIVAL declaration suite in 2014

consult the prefectural decree and its appendix
Prefectorial Order (839Ko)
Annex (19 Mo)

Following the development of a new road service in 2015

Consult the prefectural decree and its annexes
Prefectorial Order (475 Ko)
File put in accounting (28 Mo)
Project Declaration (186 Ko)

Simplified modification of the PLU in 2016

This modification allowed:
correct a material error in the zoning plan (existing detached dwelling on the date of approval of the
PLU but not referenced);

simplify the writing of certain regulations in several zones:
Articles 7 zones Ua, Ub and Uc in order to allow denser constructions to be installed in urban areas while respecting the possibility of a “tower of ladder” at a distance of 1,2m for the maintenance of the walls and facades.
Articles 11 zones Ua, Ub, Uc, A and N, which in writing systematize the prohibition to change the dimensions of the openings on the facades of existing buildings.
allow the installation of some new buildings in the Nh areas without this exceeding 20% increase in the possibilities of construction resulting from the application of all the rules of the local urban plan

Consult the deliberation
Consult the modification file

Lean reviews of the PLU in 2017

The commune of Clérac carried out two simplified revisions during the year 2017:
Lightened revision n ° 1 located the Terre Blanche
The lands located at the White Earth having served as base civil engineering will soon be retroceded to the municipality.

This light revision of the current PLU only concerns the graphic regulation. It is :
Item 1: Delete reserved slot # 1

Point 2: Classify the sector of the civil engineering base of the LGV at a place called “La Terre Blanche” in zone UX, currently in zone A (about 11.5 hectares)

To consult :
* Deliberation
* The Revision file
Lightened revision n ° 2 located Ouches
The land concerned by the revision allowed

Proceed with the resumption of the graphical regulation: reclassify part of the “Les Ouches” sector from zone A to zone UB following a dispute.

To consult :
* Deliberation
* The Revision file

The municipality having an endorsed Land use plan, a tax of arrangement is applied by rights and automatically established at the 1 % rate.

The municipality decided in its session of October 31st, 2014 to fix the rate of the municipal part to 1 % as from January 1st, 2015 with the exception of certain sectors, mainly industrial sites, which are fixed to 3 %.
Délibération taxe d’aménagement (357 Ko)
Plan côté est (8.3 Mo)
Plan côté ouest (9.9 Mo)

What is the urban preemption right (DPU)?

This right allows the municipality to acquire priority, if necessary, a property or real estate when it is about to be sold.Thanks to the DPU, the municipality can thus acquire the goods it needs to carry out its development projects.

On which areas of the PLU is the preemption right established?

The municipality introduced a right of pre-emption at the city council meeting of 22 June 2012.

The DPU is instituted on two types of zone:
Urban area: UA, UB, UC, Ux, Uxa, Uxd
Area of future urbanization, AU, 1AU, Aux
Download the deliberation

Deliberation establishing the urban right of preemption

This file informs major risks identified and mapped this day in the department of the Charente-Maritime. It lists the range of the committed actions, the arrangements realized and pursued as well as the plans which can be activated in the slightest alert.

Consult the document by clicking here.

This is an information document as a reference tool for preventing flood risk.

Download the document.

The Public Non-Collective Sanitation Service (SPANC) of Eau 17 now has a teleservice to carry out the various requests for inspections of individual sanitation facilities located on your municipal territory.

-How do I access the Individual Water Sanitation Teleservice 17?

You can now complete the process online by creating an account on the website under the heading “non-collective sanitation”.

It is thus possible to enter, online, the forms “request for authorization for individual sanitation” and “request for information on the control of individual sanitation in the context of a sale”. The teleservice user can also follow the progress of the examination of his request on a secure site.

It is always possible to apply for Eau 17 by post using the forms (in attachments) to be sent to the Eau 17 agency on which you depend ( However, the use of teleservice makes it possible to reduce the processing times for requests while offering a better quality of service to users.

-Application for individual sanitation authorization filed online: what changes for the observations of the Municipality?

With regard to “individual sanitation authorization requests” made online by users, the municipality will always have the possibility to comment on this request to Eau 17, if it wishes.

Thus, for any request concerning your municipality, you will receive an email (including the “individual sanitation authorization request” submitted by the user on the teleservice), inviting you to formulate an opinion in principle. This action is simple and the opinion of the municipality is automatically sent by email to the Eau 17 agency.

After examining the request, the municipality will always be the recipient of the reports and opinions formulated by Eau 17.

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