The act by which are planned and authorized the annual expenditures and revenue of the municipality


presented by the mayor, the organizer,
voted by the City Council, the deliberative assembly,
then executed by the mayor.
It is a full deliberation.
To be enforceable, the budget must be passed on to the representative of the State and published.
He is also passed on to the accountant and the public must be informed about his possibility of consulting the budgetary documents.


For year 2017, the municipal budget was voted April 07th of this year and so appears :

Function section : 5 225 592.03 €

Section of investment : 1 855 547.21 €

Find here the graphic representation of the budget.
In investment, we can note the following equipment projects:
- Expansion of the cemetery
- Repair and expansion of the cemetery car park
- Acquisition of forest land
- Renovation of the north facade of the school
- Expansion of the school
- Genêt fire protection
- Hotel: interior modification for 3 additional bedrooms

An always stable tax system

The municipal rates 2017 remain identical to those of year 2016, the evolution of your taxation can be due to the increase of the other rates (regional, departmental) or in the increase of the base.

The raw cash flow

The raw cash flow represents the resultant surplus of Usable functioning to finance the operations of investment ( Refunds of debts, equipment spending). It is calculated by difference between the real products (except off products of transfer of fixed asset) and Real loads) (except off book value of the given up fixed assets) of functioning. The raw is allocated first and foremost to the refund of
Capital debts.

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