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On the first floor, fight in the room of youngs and pregnancy test in the intimacy of the bathroom bring brothers and sisters to meet in Council of Sibship where we begin to discuss education at home, sexuality, TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY and other children’s stories…

Except that at table, between blunders, breaks cigarettes and visit of the grandmother everything eventually reveals(shows) itself! The advice(council) of Sibship becoming for the first time Board of Guardians…

Brothers, sisters, parents… Who educates who finally?

75 mn, Every public from 10 years

Spetacle organized by the municipality of Clérac

November 18th, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Village hall

Entrance(Entry): 5 €

Contact: 05 46 04 28 44

75 mn, All public from 10 years

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