Population census 2018

The census will take place to Clérac from January 18th, 2018 till February 17th, 2018.

The census, it is useful for all

The census allows to know the number of people who live in France. He determines the official population of every municipality. Of these figures results the participation of the State in the budget of the municipalities: the more a municipality is populated, the more this participation is important. Of the number of inhabitants also depend the number of elected representatives to the City Council, the determination of the voting system, the number of pharmacies …
Besides, to open a day-nursery, to install a trade, to build housing or to develop the means of transportation are projects leaning on knowledge fi not of the population of every municipality (age, profession, means of transportation, housing conditions …).
Enfi n, the census also helps the professionals know better their markets, and associations their public.
In brief, the census allows to fit the public action to the needs for the population. That is why it is essential that each participates in it!

The census, it is simple: answer by internet as already 4,8 million people

A census taker recruited by your city hall will appear at your home(with you) provided with its official card(map). He(it) will put back to(hand) you the note on which your identifiers appear to make you list(count) on-line. If you cannot answer by internet, the census taker will put back to(hand) you the paper questionnaires to fill(perform) that he will then come to recover at the agreed moment you. To facilitate his(her,its) work, thank you for answering under a few days.

Two census takers were so appointed: Ladies Marie-Line GORDO and Marie-Nils WACHE, reserve them a good welcome !

The census, it is sure : your personal information is protected

Only the Insee (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) is authorized to exploit questionnaires. They can thus give rise to no administrative control or fi scal. Your name and your address are nevertheless necessary to be sure that housing and people are counted only once. During the treatment of questionnaires, your name and your address are not registered and are not thus preserved in databases. Finally, all the people having access to questionnaires (who the census takers) are bound by professional secrecy.
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