Day of gathering bound to the passage of the HST

The gathering will take place on November 25th, 2017 at 10 am to Montguyon RD 730 (Exit Montguyon, direction St Aigulin, later the bridge routes)

The putting into service of both high-speed rail roads Tours – Bordeaux and Le Mans – Rennes took place on July 02nd, 2017. Since then, more and more local residents notice nuisances much superior to the fact than the preliminary tries let envisage. Emanating complaints 9 impacted departments stream in city halls.

On average, the municipalities are daily crossed by about forty TGV.

A mission of control of the acoustic measures is going to be made by the CEREMA (Center of Studies and Expertise on the Risks, the Environment, the Mobility and the Arrangement) between September, 2017 and February, 2018.

The interregional coordination LGV SEA AND BPL decided to make of the day of November 25th, 2017 one day of gathering in each of 9 Departments crossed by these two high-speed rail roads.

The purpose of this demonstration is to react in the face of this new degradation of the environment and the demands are the following ones :


– To realize a campaign of exhaustive acoustic measure of the noises and to add controls of vibrations. These recordings must be made in the most polluted places.

– That the distance of the measures can be superior to 100 meters planned since the way.

– To take into account a projection of the traffic which has to become intensified during the next years.

– To favor remédiations to the source (at the level of ways).

B. In the State to develop the regulations in force which  is not any more adapted at the speed of HST and to recognize that it is necessary to protect more the environment of the inhabitants close to the HSR.

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