Month: February 2019

TGV – Information work

MESEA (Maintenance operation of the LGV-SEA Tours-Bordeaux) will carry out maintenance work of the railways which can generate noise and visual nuisance.

The work will be carried out over a two-night period between Monday 25 February and Friday 1 March 2019 between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

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Military Census

All 16-year-olds must carry out the military census.

What for?
To be summoned to the defence and Citizenship day
To be registered as an office on the voters lists

At the city hall of your home. Get the family booklet and your ID.

Elaboration du Schéma de Cohérence Territorial

The 129 communes of the community of municipalities of Haute-Saintonge have embarked on the elaboration of a SCoT (territorial coherence scheme).

This document aims to define the broad guidelines for development, urban planning, economic development, habitat, equipment, environment and mobility by 2040.

It is proposed to the inhabitants to take part in the process and to participate in a meeting of exchanges on the project of territory and development for the next 20 years.

A public meeting will be held on February 20 at 6 p.m. at the Jonzac Convention Centre.
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Construction of houses at the subdivision

The construction of the houses within the subdivision has recently begun.

For the record, it is the construction of two individual houses located within the communal subdivision near the stadium which will then be rented. The operation should be completed by the end of the year 2019.

The amount of work is estimated at 254,841.93 € HT, self-financed at a height of 60%.

The companies selected :

Lots – Intitulés Entreprises Montant HT
LOT 1 – Gros œuvre Gaétan BUREAU 85 239.20 €
LOT 2 – Charpente bois Elément Bois 7 374.48 €
LOT 3 – Couverture tuile Gaétan BUREAU 12 815.00 €
LOT 4 – Menuiseries extérieures Menuiserie GUERIN 19 903.29 €
LOT 5 – Cloisons/plafonds BOUDEAU-VIECELI 20 750.04 €
LOT 6 – Menuiseries intérieures SAS CBMEC 19 484.93 €
LOT 7 – Revêtements de sols scellés MALHOUROUX 18 660.50 €
LOT 8 – Peinture SAS MARRAUD 7 020.17 €
LOT 9 – Electricité SARL FRADON 11 337.80 €
LOT 10 – Plomberie VMC SARL BOYER 16 098.97
LOT 11 – VRD SARL BASTERE 23 385.55 €
LOT 12 – Clôtures Gaétan BUREAU 12 772.00 €
TOTAL 254 841.93 €


Grand National debate on 28/02 in Cercoux

The elected representatives of the municipalities of Clérac and Cercoux propose you to participate in the debate

Thursday 28 February at 7 p.m.

Cercoux Festival Hall

The topics covered will be:
* The ecological transition,
* Taxation and public spending,
* Democracy and citizenship,
* The organization of the State and public services

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