Lot of the pension

The project of the Lot of the Pension is ended. The municipality set up the pose(installation) of advertising hoardings to allow the sale of grounds. Today 4 houses are under construction. To date, 8 other prizes(lots) are sold for constructions in the next months. We ended the landscaping on all the low space of the lot with the realization of a pedestrian artery, which allows to connect(bind) the center village with the lot. The definitive public road network(garbage dump) is ended, stays the implementation of candelabras for the street lighting. Green spaces will be realized this autumn. This lot of 30 prizes(lots) will allow to welcome new families within the municipality. The surface of every ground varies between 500 m2 in 1200 m2, the sale price of the plots of land was fixed to 21 €m ² serviced. For any further information, get in touch with the City hall 05 46 04 13 12.

An extension of the network of the street lighting on the road of the stage(stadium) is also planned. The works amount to 953 639,20€ HT and will be the object of a financial participation of the Electricity network, by means of the Project D’ support(accompaniment) Project (32 %), and of the State by means of the Territorial solidarity fund (24,30 %).

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