Lotissement la rente

Grounds to be sold

The lot dispose of twelve grounds (of 491 m ² in 1 661 m ²) in the sale at the 21-price the square meter.

Four houses are inhabited at present, 3 others in constructions and soon others to come…

The lot is situated near the center village, it is moreover bound by a pedestrian artery.

Below the still available plan of grounds.

Works to come

The landscaping of bottom of the lot was made with the realization of a pedestrian artery which connects it with the center village. The definitive public road network and the street lighting are ended. To come in the next months, tree plantings. 

A mastered financing

The works of the lot cost 920 999.83 €. The latter benefited from diverse financing so allowing to apply a sale price of the competitive grounds :
  • FST FST ( Territorial Solidarity fund), bound(connected) to the passage of the LGV(HSR)
  • PAP (Accompanying program Project), bound to the electrical connection for the LGV(HSR)
  • DETR (Subsidy of Equipment of the Rural Territories), State
  • Départment
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