Day: December 9, 2017

Implementation of recycling bin

The municipality installed two recycling bins

The municipality noticed that dog mess could be present on certain public places, to help the owners of dogs left his(her,its) places in a suitable state, the municipality decided to install two recycling bins. They were installed there is a few weeks.

One of her is on the place of the church and the other one on the playground near the school.

The quality of life of all will so be protected if everybody makes an effort there.

Lotissement la rente

Grounds to be sold

The lot dispose of twelve grounds (of 491 m ² in 1 661 m ²) in the sale at the 21-price the square meter.

Four houses are inhabited at present, 3 others in constructions and soon others to come…

The lot is situated near the center village, it is moreover bound by a pedestrian artery.

Below the still available plan of grounds.

Works to come

The landscaping of bottom of the lot was made with the realization of a pedestrian artery which connects it with the center village. The definitive public road network and the street lighting are ended. To come in the next months, tree plantings. 

A mastered financing

The works of the lot cost 920 999.83 €. The latter benefited from diverse financing so allowing to apply a sale price of the competitive grounds :
  • FST FST ( Territorial Solidarity fund), bound(connected) to the passage of the LGV(HSR)
  • PAP (Accompanying program Project), bound to the electrical connection for the LGV(HSR)
  • DETR (Subsidy of Equipment of the Rural Territories), State
  • Départment

Reduction of waste

The European week of the reduction of waste invited itself to the school canteen

The week from 20 till 24 November, the children of the school of Clérac participated weekly européene of the reduction of waste, on the theme of the food wasting.The children were made sensitive in the food wasting. The purpose being to show them or to demonstrate them that it is necessary to pay attention on the food. The actions organized during this week were to make them taste everything, to get in small quantity and to end its plate if possible They have then to sort out their waste following their typology (rests of plates, waste, rests of dishes, breads) to be finally able to weigh them.

At the end of every meal, each of the trash cans must be separately weighed by watching.

Information meeting on the results of the acoustic measures

The results of the acoustic measures presented

A sectorial meeting of information about the results of the acoustic measures led on the municipalities of Clérac, Bédenac, Boresse and Martron, Montguyon, Neuvicq and Martinmas of Ary by LISEA, dealer of the LGV(HSR) SEA, will take place on Thursday, December 07th, 2017 at 6:30 am in the village hall of Clérac, in the presence of representatives of LISEA, the CEREMA and Network SNCF.

Petition against the nuisances bound to the passage of the LGV

The nuisances bound to the passage of the LGV

A gathering took place on Saturday, November 25th at 10 am near the line to Montguyon to protest against the nuisances (noises and vibrations). Several members of municipal council were present as well as representatives of the impacted municipalities, the senators, Chairman of district council.

The purpose being not only to make become aware that the local residents undergo nuisances but also to make modify the legislation which is not any more adapted.

You will find the form of petition to be downloaded and to be sent to the City hall of Montguyon.

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