Day: December 25, 2019


It is the first organized and secure hitchhiking network in France. Offered by the Community of Communes of Haute Saintonge and Ademe, do not hesitate to use this device for your travels, it's easy and secure!

Passengers and drivers must register at the town hall or on the website. A charter of good conduct must be signed and an identity document will be required in order to participate in securing the network. You will then receive by mail a mobility kit in which you will find all the information necessary for practice. Passenger support signs will be installed throughout the Haute Saintonge in 2020!
Rezo Pouce is also open to adolescents from 16 years of age, provided they provide parental authorization and the identity card of the legal guardian.
Thanks to the Rezo Pouce app, you can get in touch with other users around 15 kilometers away. It also allows you to organize your trips up to 24 hours in advance, as well as to create interest groups!
For more information and to find stops near you, go to the website
So go ahead, sign up and go to a quick stop! The more registered, the more efficient the network!
See you soon at a stop on Le Pouce!
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