Day: June 6, 2020

The recycling center opened its doors normally since 02/06

The Clérac recycling center has resumed a normal operating mode since Tuesday June 02. Appointment scheduling will therefore no longer be necessary and the access times will be those prior to confinement, including Saturdays.

However, a certain number of measures and in particular the health security measures already in place remain in force, users are therefore asked to :

– To be wearing a mask

– Wear gloves

– Have their own equipment (shovel, brooms, fork, etc.) necessary for the unloading of waste.

It should be noted that the asbestos, glass and textile waste cannot be taken care of immediately.

In addition, and depending on the number of visitors to the recycling center, it is possible that the manager may be obliged to regulate the flow in order to ensure compliance with the rules of social distancing in order to guarantee health security for all.

The manager therefore relies on the civility of the users to be respectful both of the rules in place and of the staff present on the site.

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